Customization and Configuration – MS CRM

Customization and Configuration – MS CRM

First question arrives in your mind is What is Customization and configuration?
A customization is a feature or extension or modification of a system feature that requires custom coding and or some form of implementation.
A configuration is where you use native tools in the system to change it’s behavior or features.
In MS CRM difference between Customization and Configuration is given below.

First, we will go through solution.
A solution is a container to hold the changes that you make in a system.
It is basically a zip file that consists of few XML files, you can take this zip file and deploy it into other environments such as from a dev environment to a test environment then to staging and finally to the production environment.
Under Settings and solution, you can see various solutions provided by Microsoft. The navigation is shown below.

You can create your own solution and apply changes to it when changes are done effectively then you can export it to another environment.
By clicking export it will create a zip file that will import it to another environment to install all your changes.

There are three types of Solutions :
1. System solution
The system solution represents the solution components defined within Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps. Without any managed solutions or customizations, the system solution defines the default application behavior.
Many of the components in the system solution are customizable and can be used in managed solutions or unmanaged customizations.

2. Managed solutions
Managed solutions are installed on top of the system solution and can modify any customizable solution components or add more solution components.
Managed solutions can also be layered on top of other managed solutions. As long as a managed solution enables customization of its solution components, other managed solutions can be installed on top of it and modify any customizable solution components that it provides.

3. Unmanaged solutions
Unmanaged solutions are groups of unmanaged customizations. Any unmanaged customized solution component can be associated with any number of unmanaged solutions.
You create a managed solution by exporting an unmanaged solution and selecting to package it as a managed solution.

Click Customize the System to navigate to the default solution.
The default Solution contains all the entities and components.

Click new for creating a solution as shown above.
A new form will open for creating a solution.
Fill the form and click save or save and close.

In the above form you will see various fields, description of the fields are given below:
Display Name : A friendly name for the Publisher.
Name : Schema Name (Display name is copied with any space)
Publisher: A Publisher is a real world entity which publishes Solutions in Dynamics CRM. Those entity can be a person, department, or company
When you create an Organization in CRM, a Default Publisher is created for you, which can also be used as part of your Solution.
However, you can also create your Publisher for your Solutions. Creating your own Publisher provides you more Control over your Solution, Entity and Attributes
When you create one you get a Form, which provides you with the ability of defining the Prefix for schema name in SQL for Entities, Fields.
Publisher can be added from two places
1. Settings >> Customization Area
2. Solution >> Publisher >> Lookup More Records >> New
Configuration Page : While creating solutions, we choose an HTML web resource as a Configuration Page for the solution. The configuration page is typically used by ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)  who distribute solutions. When this is set, a new Configuration node appears below the Information node to display this web resource. Developers will use this page to include instructions or controls to allow you to set configuration data or launch their solution.

A blank Solution is being created.

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