When a new record is created in Dynamics 365 CRM, send an SMS

When a new record is created in Dynamics 365 CRM, send an SMS

Whenever you’ll create a new record in d365 CRM, a power automate flow will be triggered to send an SMS. When the flow is successfully executed, a text SMS will be sent to the user’s phone (whatever number you put in the field for the mobile number) 



In the below screen, you can see a few steps we took in order to accomplish the same. 

Power Automate: 

Power Automate

This flow would be triggered whenever a new record is created in MS CRM. First, CDS would be executed. 

Following the first step, our second step would be a variable initialization. As we need to store the mobile number to send SMS. 

Following the second step, our third step would be an HTTP request. Sending SMS requires us to utilize a third-party API (HTTP request). 

Ex (third party API provider)- https://www.enablex.io/cpaas/sms-api 

You must enter values in the following fields to trigger the HTTP request. 

1. Method: POST 

2. URI: HTTP request URL 

3. Body: JSON value as specified by the API provider 


The API authentication type must be chosen based on the provider type. 

After we send the SMS, we set the API response in the description field in order to check what response we are receiving. 

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