What are the benefits of using PCF controls in Dynamics 365 CRM

Using PCF, Dynamics 365 developers can create custom controls for use in model-driven apps, canvas apps, and forms in PowerApps. The controls can be used to extend the functionality of the platform and provide a more customized user experience.

One example of a custom control that can be created using PCF is a “picture gallery” control. This control allows users to view a collection of images in a gallery format, similar to the way a photo album works. The control can be added to a Dynamics 365 form and can be used to display images related to a specific record, such as product images or employee photos.

To create a picture gallery control using PCF, developers first need to set up a development environment. This includes installing the necessary tools, such as Visual Studio Code and the PCF CLI (Command Line Interface), as well as creating a new project using the PCF Control template.

Once the development environment is set up, developers can begin creating the control by defining the structure and layout of the control using HTML and CSS. They can then add functionality to the control using JavaScript, such as the ability to navigate through the images in the gallery and display captions for each image.

Next, developers need to register the control in Dynamics 365. This involves creating a new control in the Dynamics 365 solution and then adding the control to the form where it will be used. Once the control is registered, it can be used in the form just like any other control.

In order to test the control, developers can use the PCF CLI to run the control in a local development environment. They can then test the control in a Dynamics 365 form and make any necessary adjustments. Once the control is ready, it can be deployed to a production environment.

In conclusion, the Power Platform Control Framework (PCF) is a powerful tool that allows Dynamics 365 developers to create custom controls and extend the functionality of the platform. The example of a “picture gallery” control shows how PCF can be used to create a specific solution. This allows for a more customized user experience and can improve efficiency for end users.

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