Power Automate – Turn Outdated and boring task into Automated one’s

Power Automate – Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine. It can quickly automate any process or task. It allows employees to easily automate processes with connected sources. There are more than 450 third party connector data sources available in Power automate.
This just reduce your manual effort and automate your daily common manual effort processes.


Let’s get deep dive into why we will use power automate and when we will use and how we will.
Now get started and answer each question one by one.


  1. Boost Productivity :

Build time-saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration using hundreds of prebuilt connectors.
Getting bored by sending same response to clients for every new case created. You can create and automate this, when the new case will be created an auto generated email will be send to the customer that “we are working on it, will update you soon.”

  1. Automate quickly and securely:

Power automate is no code process. You are customizing each and every process just by using various connectors.
Enable everyone to build secure workflows with a low-code, no-code guided experience to automate mundane everyday tasks with robotic process automation (RPA).

  1. Pure Intelligent Workflows to Work:

Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities, giving you more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

  1. Share and access data:

With the help of connectors data is easily moved from one application to another. This allows for data to be shared and gives easy access to required data.


Let’s get into the scenarios when we can use Power Automate.

1. Being a blogger it’s quite hectic to post the same post on each social networking site for advertisement each and every time, to automate this we have created a flow. In this whenever we are posting a video on you tube then automatically a post will be posted on LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, and on my blog which is on word press. And the result of this flow will be send to me over teams.
Connector Identified:
   1. YouTube

   2. Twitter

   3. Facebook
   4. Word press
   5. Microsoft Teams

  1. Get immediate alerts to important notifications or emails.
  2. Get notifications on your mobile device.
  3. Track and catch up with new potential customers. Keep track of your business leads.
  4. Duplicate all email connections to your One Drive Business account.
  5. Save document attachments in emails to One Drive or SharePoint.
  6. Gather information about your company and share it with your group.
  7. Engage with social media. For example, a blog post can be tweeted or published Facebook automatically.
  8. Automate approval processes.
  9. With Power Automate one can build a flow that captures a lead from one of the many sources(Ex. Twitter) and propagate the data to MS Dynamics.

Connector Identified:
1. Twitter

         2. MS Dynamic CRM

 11.   Whenever a Case/ticket is generated by the customer then two process will run parallel one is mail will be send to the customer and case is send for the approval after the approval of the case , this case will be assigned to the person and again a mail will be send to the customer that “Case is assigned to the following person” .

  1. We can also connect chat bot by using power automate.
  2. You can also send text sms to the customer on order confirmed.
  3. You can also create business process flows, forexample in Case you require three process Identify -> Research -> Resolve.
    And as completing on this stage you need approval or send email to the customer so that they have a track of it. You can do this by using Power automate.

    We Can use power Automate in various environment, there are various connector defined for doing so .
  4. Sql Server
  5. My SQL
  6. Azure Sql Database
  7. Oracle database
  8. Sales Force
  9. Azure AD
  10. Azure Devops
  11. Dropbox
  12. Dynamics NAV
  13. FTP , SFTP
  14. HTTP
  15. We can also use api calls
  16. Gmail
  17. Google Calendar
  18. Google Drive
  19. Google Sheets
  20. Google Taks
  21. Microsoft kaizala
  22. Linkedln
  23. FaceBook
  24. O365
  25. Power Bi
  26. SAP ERP
  27. SAS Decisioning
  28. RSS
  29. Share Effect
  30. Share point
  31. Skype
  32. Slack
  33. Yammer
  34. Amazon Red Shift
  35. Azure Data Lake

The above mention connection are just few it contains a lot more then this.

There are various predefined templates.


Power Automate mainly comprises of Data Connector, AI builder and Common Data Service.
Data Connector : These are basically used to make connection with the third party platform, integrate to third party platform.
AI Builder: You can make your system intelligent without writing code.
Common Data Service:

In power automate we can basically create three type of Flows

  1. Cloud flows

In this there are automated, instant, and scheduled flows

  1. Desktop flows
  2. Business flows

    Below is the an example work flow created for mailing report .

Note: You can also export the work flow from dev environment and import it to the live environment.

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