Connect Dynamic 365 Finance and operation to Power Bi

Connect Dynamic 365 Finance and operation to Power Bi

First create an application in Azure Active Directory. For creating application in azure directory you will need to get into the section of App Registration and create your new app.

Note: in the web api url section at the end of the dynamics url you need to add “/oauth”.
for eg; <Dynamics Url> /oauth

Because while connecting to the Power bi the redirect url will use oauth authentication else there will be error/issue that the redirect url is not validated.

Move to the App Registration section as mentioned below.

One is already created in the above. For creating new click on New registration and specify the below

 specify the name , the app created will be for single or multi tenant.

Choose web and specify the url.

Now copy this application id for bi connection

Now assign this app permission for power bi service

And after this go to the manifest and allow for public client by assigning it true , by default it is false.

Now after this create key for this application by which we will access this application. For creating this go to the Certification and secrets section of the AAD, below is the screenshot for the same.

Note: This key is visible one time, you can save this for further uses. This key is valid for a particular time period, you can specify the time while creating this key.
Click on New client secret, as mentioned below .

Enter description and time frame and save for key for further uses.

2.  Now move to your dynamic 365 finance and operation environment System administration -> Setup -> Power Bi Configuration , as shown below :

You  can choose edit to fill in the details.

Now specify your application id in the application id section and specify the one time secret value in the application key section, and enable Powerbi.integration, As highlighted above and save this.
Now the changes saved will be affected after having refresh so you can refresh your browser using ctrl+shit+r and then you can see the bi changes.

Now you can see the visible changes, click on get started and authenticate to bi.

If you have not specified oauth at the end then you will face below error .

Else, you will be redirected to the below .

Now refresh your bi configuration page and you will be able to access all the report created in bi .

Click on highlighted..

As I have created two records, I am able to access the two and I can choose to add to D365 finance and operation.

You see your added reports , as above.

By clicking on the one you can see your created report.

For getting started to power bi and designing report you can refer to the below link:

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