Benefits of Visual Studio Code – TECH2EZ

Benefits of Visual Studio Code – TECH2EZ

The article is about the benefits of the Visual Studio Code.
Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

  • This Software is cross-platform – works on Windows, Linux, and macOS as it is lightweight and super fast.
  • VS Code IntelliSense is provided for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, Less, and Sass out of the box. We can also add IntelliSense extension for other languages as well which are not supported by default.
  • Integrated Version Control (Built-in Git):- Visual Studio Code has Git integration built-in, which makes it really easy to instantly see the changes you’re making in your project.
  • Command Palette:- Visual studio supports inbuilt Integrated terminal, initially starting at the root of your opened project. 
  • Debugging:- One of the key features of the Visual Studio Code is its great debugging support. VS Code’s built-in debugger helps accelerate your edit, compile and debug loop.

  • Side by Side Editing on different files:- Sometimes, we need to refer one file’s code for another file. VS Code makes this easy by allowing us to open side by side editor either for the same file or different files. Simply right-click on the file and choose the option “Open to the slide”.
  • Some Code management features:- Vs code provides us language service features such as Peek Definition, Go to Definition, Find All References, and Rename Symbol. 

Most importantly what I like about Visual Studio Code is Liver Server.
1. Install Live Server Extension
2. Open a project and directly click to Go Live from StatusBar to turn on/off the server.

3. Right-click on a HTML file from Explorer Window & click to Open with Live Server.

4. Open an HTML file and Right-click on the editor and choose the options.

5. Hit (alt+L, alt+O) to Open the Server and (alt+L, alt+C) to Stop the server (You can change the shortcut form keybinding). [On MAC, cmd+L, cmd+O and cmd+L, cmd+C]
6. Press F1 or ctrl+shift+P and type Live Server: Open With Live Server to start a server or type Live Server: Stop Live Server to stop a server.

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